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Red Bull North America

Geographical Information System Maps portal for Red Bull, North America

For the past 8 years Red Bull North America has been a business partner with us. We assist them with numerous services including GIS Portal upgrade, GIS server migration, Spatial data analytics ArcGIS Enterprise management, Location analytics and business intelligence. We have had a fantastic relationship with them anchored in constant communication, prompt support and on time delivery, making them a reliable partner for us.

A few major projects we have helped Red Bull North America include upgrading their GIS Portal to the latest version. We ensure a smooth and seamless workflow with business continuity, ensuring no data is lost and delivering beyond their expectations.

We have also helped them migrate their GIS servers from an on-premise data center to hybrid data hosting environment (new on-premise and cloud infrastructure).

Again, with our outstanding, efficient and technically skilled team we always ensure migration workload is manageable from an effort perspective and providing no data loss, as well as providing collaborative support embedded within a large project team.

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